Build Up My Fellow Christian: Really?

I often hear from myriad of sources how Christians around the world call on others to help them with some sort of support. Some tout the “we need to stick together” mantra and about how we Christians need to be “concerned” for a particular Christian church or group.

Most people know how women are treated in certain places around the world.   Honestly, I have little time nor the desire to be any kind of expert on worldly issues. I’m not a politician nor an international news company, so I don’t apologize for living in my own little corner of the world trying to take care of my own family here in the United States, so I blindly agreed with the sentiment. That is until now. I must do better in following the apostle Paul’s instructions when he tells us to examine everything carefully, (1 Thess 5:21).

How can one ask me to support and build up my fellow Christians, in this case, Coptic Christians in Egypt? Yes I know women are not treated the best in Egypt. Often times I see them being treated just fine; at least publicly in some case.

But I’m learning that it apparently depends on what your faith is. In this article in The Christian Post (CT) Engy Magdy, a Cairo-based journalist, is referenced reporting that being a Christian woman in Egypt is hell. Magdy gives us a little bit of insight into how Christian women are not only treated by men is Egypt but by non-Christian women as well, and then; if that weren’t bad enough, she relates to us how they are treated by their own church; the Coptic Church.

If this article in the Christian Post is credible, why would I in any way offer support to that Christian church? I have numerous times indeed prayed for them specifically, to be loved and protected by our most faithful God. I am most certainly am not being sarcastic when I say that I must be even more specific in my praying; more so with the women of the church in mind.

Perhaps we Christians need to spend more time realizing our own faults instead of always pointing a finger at those who oppose us, (The church). If I had such an audience to do so, I would demand that Church Leaders make more of an effort to stop this than worrying about how we all need to work towards a “one-church” solution.










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