I am an ordained minister, Having both an Associate of Divinity as well as a Bachelor of Divinity degree. I earned my Masters of Ministry from Ohio Christian University (with a concentration in Practical Theology). I am married, with five grown children, my youngest being 30; and I have five beautiful grandchildren. I have spent the past thirty years in retail management and have several professional degrees in different fields, including photography. One of my biggest hobbies, along side of photography, is archaeology.  While I am often studying and researching in the area of Biblical archaeology, I have a great passion for the archaeology of ancient Greece, specifically that of the Minoans of Crete.

Pastor of Ministries, Acts 5:42 Ministries

Former Volunteer, Christian Leaders Alliance, Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders College

Last Modified 6 January 2019

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  1. Thank God for humility and you Pastor Moore, I am continuing my efforts to stay in God’s lane and do His will. We all need to let go of ourselves and let God’s love of us shine through to those who know Him so that my favorite pastime is preaching to the choir. There are those of us whom the Lord knows are flesh-pressing witnesses who shout out His name with Glory; there are those whom He has given the voice of an Angel and they draw a lot of folks unto Him through song. There are some of us who have control of the spoken and written word and we can put them on the edge of their seats as we tell the inspired word of God to them. God has a litany of talents available to His children. Some have one, some have Moore than one. Revelation: God never gives His child one gift–He always gives us the bible to go with the working gifts. Pastor Clayton, you are my mentor! Please whenever you get the chance read my testimony on the C. L. I. website.
    We will get together some time and I will continue to watch your walk. Thanks for your inspiration.

    six-oh-2-nine 2 one 2 four 8 three.


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