The Bible is not a Novel

The Bible is not a novel. You just can’t read it from cover to cover and then put it away on the bookshelf and say you read it. You may have heard it called, “The Living Book.” How many books out there in print today do people refer to as “The Living Book?” So why is it called that? People even say it’s “God Breathed,” so what does that mean?

So how can a book be a living book? Does it breathe? Does it eat? Does it get its own seat on the airplane? Wait, is it even allowed on airplanes? It’s been banned from so many places, it’s hard to keep track anymore.

Well let’s start by acknowledging that this book has been around since the days of Moses. The Bible has outlived every empire and nation that has ever come to exist as well as those that have fallen. The Bible isn’t going anywhere. It is still the number one book printed by publishers today, in the world. It will outlast you and it will outlast me.

Somewhere I read someone stating that the Bible is a “human record of man’s struggle to know God and His will.” However, this assessment would be incorrect. God, by divine inspiration to its human authors wrote the Bible. The Bible is not man’s story. It’s God’s story. But I will tell you this, I heard John Goldingay, a professor of Old Testament religion, at Fuller Seminary say, “The Bible is of divine inspiration, the chapter divisions are not.”

Yes, the Bible is God’s story to man. In it He reveals Himself, His desires, His wrath, His plans, and His Love. So again, why is it a “living book?” Well, it has to do with the way God used the authors. It was written in such a away that along with almost every situation, event, or problem which is presented, there is given also, the solution.

It presents solutions to “worldly, as well as spiritual” issues. God didn’t write this book, tell us what our problems are, and then say “good luck.” The Bible does indeed mention many issues, which require a solution, and God gave them to us. The problem is that not everyone will accept them, because many just simply think that they are smarter than God, and that they don’t need or want His help.

They don’t want to be held accountable, by anyone. They want to live the way they live, think the way they think, and die the way they die. I truly believe that when people claim that there is no God, they are simply not telling the truth. They know there’s one, true, living God. They just don’t want to accept Him.

So in order for anyone to realize the benefits of God’s solutions to our troubles, one must first accept the truth of the one, true, living God; believe in His son, Jesus Christ, and have faith. That’s right, have faith. Have faith that the solutions that God is providing you will work.

Now, if one would take the time to seriously explore the Bible, they would realize that almost every situation and its solution could be applied to them right now, at this very moment. These solutions to our woes were applicable from the time of Moses. They were applicable even centuries later. They were applicable to your great-grandparents and they will be applicable to your own great-grandkids.

I will spare you, by not listing a dozen or more examples, but I will offer this one. There was a situation taking place in the city of Corinth, involving sexual immorality. As he was directed to by God, the apostle Paul specifically addresses the issue, presenting a solution to the problem taking place there.

“Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for a man not to touch a woman.” Now, let’s understand this up front, Paul was not writing about an issue, just to write. Paul was writing in answer to a letter that had been written to him, asking for clarification about certain issues of concern there, to the church.

Paul continues, “But because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband. The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.”

So first, Paul here, re-emphasizes what God had already said in the book of Genesis, that man is to have one wife. He didn’t say, “wives.” Nor did he say, “husbands.” Paul tells the Corinthians how to avoid immoralities by presenting the solution. Clearly the solution was for each man to have a wife and each woman to have a husband.

Now, has immorality faded away? No, obviously not. The problem of immorality is just as prevalent today as it was back in Paul’s day. Is it that Paul’s solution just doesn’t work? No, not at all, it’s simply that people don’t want to accept his solution, because it would interfere with their way of life.

On the other hand however, I believe most people in the world have accepted his solution, and remain moral by living it. These people had faith in what Paul wrote. They believe in the one, true, living God and they have faith that He will guide them in the proper way.

So this is a perfect example of the way that the Bible is just as relevant today as it was in the days of Paul, the apostle. Everything that the Bible says can stand the test of time; indeed it already has. The Bible is not man’s book about man. It’s God’s book, about God.

It’s said to be God-breathed, because that’s exactly what He did. God breathed the life into the living Bible through its authors. The Bible is not a novel that one can just read and then put away on a shelf. The bible is a book that should never be closed long enough to collect dust.

Never put it on a shelf, out of the way. It should be on your coffee table, in the living room. It should be on your dining-room table. It should be on the end-table beside your sofa. It should be on the night-stand next to your bed. It should always be in a place, where anyone can find it, open it, and read it.

The Bible is the living book. It reveals to us, the one, true, living God, His desires, His wrath, His plans, and His Love, for Man. So don’t stick it on a shelf, out of the way somewhere. Keep it handy. One never knows when one will sense the urge to open it and search for an answer to a problem. Take a moment and open it today.

©2016 Clayton Moore


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