Jesus on Facebook

Social media has become such an integral piece of our lives today. However, do we use it wisely? Should we be concerned to use it wisely? If Jesus was knee-deep into social media, as we are today, how would He use it? Would He use it to make and gather disciples? I certainly imagine He would. And since God has a sense of humor, I would imagine Jesus would share some pretty funny posts.

What kinds of posts do you think Jesus would share on Facebook? Do you think Do you think all His posts would be about how He passed each of His desert tests? Would He show us His bad days as well as His good ones? If Jesus responded with emojis, would He use only smiley-faces; or would we see just as many sad ones? Do you suppose he would share heart-felt messages, parables; perhaps even the pain and sorrows He often feels for His people?

Why do we (Facebook users) feel the need to make everyone in the world think we are everyday-happy-go-lucky Facebook Friends? Those of us whom have been on the great social network for years are familiar with the wide variety of posts that happen across our News Feed.

In the years since I’ve been on Facebook, I’ve seen it used politically; to attack and demean people and politicians we don’t agree with; and done in a most mean-spirited way; often-times in a very personal way. By now I know the vehicles that all of my Facebook friends drive. I know the make, model and year of your car; love seeing the pics.

I am happy to see all my FB friends be successful in business and careers and enjoy a wondrous home life with family; with children. I know where you all love to vacation. I know your hobbies; your likes and dislikes; (believe me, FB makes sure we know). And, if you actually follow me on FB, and especially Pinterest, you know the same of me.

Now imagine, if you would, that Jesus is the moderator of Facebook. What kinds of posts would Jesus be most happy seeing? What kinds of posts would He place in your News Feed? What would He filter; what would He allow; or not allow? Would Jesus be happy with the posts we share? And, what if; what if He didn’t like what we post? Would He ban us, block us, unfriend us?

If we are Christians, how should we be using Facebook? Should we be bold enough to share our faith with the world? If we are Christians, professing our faith among family and friends, why would we be slow to profess it online; to the world? If Jesus were on Facebook, would He refrain from spreading His word? Would He not tell us about His coming kingdom? Would He not tell us how we should prepare for it?

I know Christians, Muslims, and Jews; Catholics and evangelicals, who don’t really use Facebook to advance their religion; and I’m not suggesting that they must. I am simply asking if we should not seriously consider what things we post and what posts we share; as professing Christians. I am not writing this article to admonish you (or myself) in anyway. I am not writing this to tell you what kinds of things we should post and what things we shouldn’t. I merely yet boldly suggest we take a step back and really take in the things we’re sharing online. I am wondering what Jesus would post on Facebook.

In other words, do our Facebook friends know that we’re Christians? Do you know whether or not your FB friends are Christians? And if so, do we share Christ’s message among one another; do we build up one another? Do we help one another stay on the right path; to stay in the light of our Lord; or do we simply want to share laughs and pictures?

No one is saying that Facebook or other popular social media must be used 24/7 to share the Gospel. But it’s interesting to see people post about such a wide variety of things day and night and never mention their faith; their belief in Christ. What are we afraid of? Are we afraid to be ridiculed or laughed at? Are we afraid of being told to keep our faith to ourselves? Our answer is perhaps a mix of all.

Just remember when posting on social media, where Christ is the moderator of Facebook. Here comes the inevitable, “WWJD” and now we modify it to “WWJDFB.” Not too long ago, I recall, a Pew Research survey said that many would go to church, if only they were invited. As Christians on Facebook, can we be bold enough to invite a friend to meet Jesus?


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