BLAME: PT II Three Years Later

Has a revival been resurrected? Was I wrong or do we simply have a bit of bad timing where the things of Christ matter? As the month of May passes from yet another calendar year, I find myself just beginning to write the second part of an article, one I first keyed in May of 2016; “Blame: Part One.”

I had always intended to write a second piece. Inspiration, however, never quite found its way into my fingers until today. I’m just seeing one of the latest titles from Christianity Today, “Churches Outnumber Pubs in the UK.”

I haven’t yet clicked on the link to read the article. The title brought a number of other things back to mind. As we all know, over the past few months, rarely a news cycle has gone by where states’ attempting to limit or ban abortions to some extent have not been highlighted.

What does this have to do with an article I wrote three years ago? Well, although I would suggest my readers go back and re-read my article, the gist of it is where I

basically blame we Christians (that includes me) for all the anti-Christian sentiment befalling our country; our country which was founded upon freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

I blamed us (Christians) for God being pushed out of schools. I blamed us for allowing our nativity scenes to be disassembled and banned from public spaces. We Christians are indeed to blame, still. We have no one else to blame but ourselves.

As all these issues were coming about –and our faith was being dismantled before us, one piece at a time, We Christians did little to stop it.

It is true, general church attendance across the United States has dropped substantially over the past few decades; and is still in decline. Today, I’m not going to fill the white noise of these pages with mind-numbing statistics we have all seen in recent years. Today, I want to talk about revival of the Christian faith in America.

While our brains have been flooded with these declining numbers over the years, we have also seen the rise of Christians practicing their faith outside churches.

We have seen this trend in the rise of the “Small Group Bible Studies,” and “Home Churches.”

While the resilience of the Christian Faith, though appearing to be waning for decades, on the surface, Christians and many others who are interested in learning and/or embracing the Christian faith, are simply turning to different venues.

The decline of church attendance, I believe, has more to do with the church, as an institution, than anything else. Of course, it doesn’t help much when denominations keep focusing on conforming to this world instead of holding steadfast to Christ and His Gospel.

But, allow me to move forward. Christians are speaking up and speaking out once again. I realize there are many who want to sugarcoat the war against Christianity, but I won’t be doing that here. This is what first prompted me to write Blame: Part I three years ago. As the war against Christianity raged on, we Christians, again I say, did little to stop it.

Now the war against Christianity is once again heating up. The main topic these days; abortion. Being bombarded with all the focus on this issue, it is evident to me that WE Christians are refusing to lie down and play dead. And for that I am very grateful; and thank God.

More and more conservative Christians (including lawmakers) are not just taking a stand against abortion, but they are beginning to fight back. Skimming the headlines on my phone just early this morning, I even read that some Democratic lawmakers in the Southern states are separating themselves from their own party and endorsing anti-abortion legislation. Praise God!

But alas, abortion also is not the topic I am writing about today. These events I have thus far mentioned are merely the catalysts.

These recent events have sparked a bit of enthusiasm in my heart and is allowing me to see a glimpse of real hope of some revival in the faith-action of Christians in America. Yes! Christians are starting to fight back. Christians are beginning to lift their voices once again in pushing back against anti-Christian groups.

I long for the day when Christianity rises not on the offensive but simply in defense of its existence. As Christians we were never called by God; to be silent. God placed us at the major crossroads of Civilization for a purpose.

The Lord created every circumstance to ensure that the Gospel and the news of His Son, Jesus, would be carried throughout the world. God ensured that the Romans would create the roads that Paul and the apostles would later use to travel.

Although vigorously denied by many, a war against Christians has been ensuing for the past half century. The anti-Christian (anti-Christ), has been inflicting suppression upon us at every turn. I am happy to say that I think the American Christian has had enough. We Christians are beginning to rise and say, “no more.”

It is time for us Christians to take advantage of the circumstances God, in His mosthigh wisdom, is providing us and begin to once again not only defend but to share the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus, to all who have lost it or have yet to hear it.

I pray for God to reinvigorate the hearts and souls of Christians to get up out of our seats and raise our voices against the anti-Christian. We Christians indeed are to blame.

Now I begin to wonder. Can we make it right? Can we stand together against the pressure of the Anti-Christian and give Glory once again to God the Father and His Son, Christ Jesus.

Notwithstanding the two extreme coasts of our country, many are speaking up once again. Have we Christians been pushed too far? Are we ready to unite; come out of our corner of silence?

Let me know what YOU think…

©2019 Clayton Moore

This post may not be reprinted in any form without permission from author

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