Searching For What?

The lengths nonbelievers will go to astonishes me. They literally beg for God to be in their life and in the same breath they deny Him. Here’s what one anonymous person said; “I am someone who believes in Christian values, but I do not believe in God literally.” The same person says, “I do have a craving for a more spiritual life and that is why I want to go to church.”

This person wants to know “how Christianity can help.”

Let me say, right from the start, “Christianity” cannot help this person. Surely, you know where I’m going with this thought. Christianity cannot help here but Jesus can. Jesus is in fact, the only one that can answer this person.

Regardless of how much one tries, “spirituality” and God cannot be separated. Nowadays, as in days passed, it takes a mere one or two people to change the definition of a term or word.

Today, the word, spiritual, seems to mean whatever one wants it to mean. There is however, only one Holy Trinity. And this is where we find His “Holy Spirit” also known as, “The Helper,” (Joh. 14:16-18, 14:26).

If one seeks with intentionality, something spiritual that excludes God, then they are not searching for anything spiritual. They are merely searching for a mirror. The Holy Trinity is not something one should think outside the box about.


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