Get off Santa’s Back!

Get off Santa’s back! Stop trying to vilify people for believing in Santa and claiming that we idolize him. I’m really becoming annoyed with all the self-proclaiming, high and mighty people, who sit and write articles about how terrible the rest of us are for observing a holiday.

Why is it that we cannot get through one Christmas season without somebody writing articles or briefs about how people turn Santa into an idol?

Nobody is praising Santa Clause over Christ. No one is proclaiming Santa as the King of the world. No one puts all their hopes and dreams in Santa. No one prays to Santa for peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Until you remove all the statues and paintings of saints from your homes and churches, don’t you dare scold the rest of us for celebrating the story of Santa Clause. You want to talk about idolatry? Let’s do it.

How often to you pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus? How often do you pray to your favorite saint? Where in the Bible does it say that we are to pray to God through Mary? If your knee is bent before a 3-foot-high statue of Mary, don’t lecture the rest of us about celebrating Christmas and enjoying the story of Santa.

Yes, anything and anyone can be idolized. You idolize things every day. You idolize money. You put money before God every day, especially on Sundays. You say you must eat. You say you must feed your family. You say you can’t go to church on Sunday because you must work and earn money. You cannot be a millionaire and say that you don’t idolize money.

Do you still want to shame me for perpetuating the story of Santa to our little ones? Seriously? I have never prayed to Santa for anything. I pray to God for things every day. I don’t celebrate the birth of Santa every December 25th. I celebrate my Lord’s birth.

You idolize your favorite sports team. You say you don’t. Fine. Instead of spending hours watching football on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, etc., spend that time in a bible study. Yet you want to lecture me and my family, claiming we idolize Santa Clause.

Let me ask you this; how do you spend Thanksgiving Day? Do you spend it giving thanks to God; or do you spend it eating and watching football all day? Go ahead, tell me you don’t idolize football.

You idolize movie stars. You simply think they’re God’s gift to the world. You can’t get through a week without picking up some magazine at the grocery store, that spills all the beans about your favorite actor or actress. You can’t stop thinking about how they got pregnant or why they divorced. And yet you’ll sit and write an article about how I idolize Santa over Christ.

Shall I go on? Okay. You idolize housewives in Orange County, New Jersey, New York, and more. You say you don’t. Alright, let’s see how long you can survive without the Bravo cable channel. Yet you want to lecture me, claiming I don’t put Christ first.

Until you stop idolizing the myriad of people and things I’ve briefly mentioned here, you are asked to keep your lecturing to yourself, and look in a mirror. I pray that you will one day experience the real Christianity of Christ.

Santa Clause is doing God’s work. He is no different than the surgeon who uses their God-given gifts to help people. I have never seen a Santa claim to be the King of the World, or the son of God. Santa brings a little joy to both children and adults in a world filled with sin, terrorists, and war. Last time I heard, it was Merry Christmas, not Merry Santa.

I pray that you may see the true gift of Santa Clause and understand that you are energized about a real non-issue. Now, if you are sincere about spreading the word of God and the knowledge of His son, my Lord Jesus, then talk to us about the lack of that on Christmas day. But don’t criticize us for acknowledging Santa Clause.


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