Tebow v Media

   I don’t know how much more I can take. What will happen if I hear or see one more news article about Tim Tebow?  The press’ love affair with this sports icon of the 21st century is embarrassing.

   It’s not Tim Tebow who has run amuck; rather it is the press that follows him. I admire, without a doubt, Tim’s proclamation of faith and his sharing it. The problem I have is that while Tim Tebow spends much of his time acknowledging and praising God, the press, including all the Christian-oriented press, appear to be praising Tim Tebow.

   Am I overreacting? Am I missing the point? Or is it the press that’s missing the point? I can only imagine what effect this is having on Tim Tebow himself; at the end of the day. I firmly believe that we should be more concerned with the message than with the messenger. While I give thanks to God for Paul and the others, Should I not give much more thanks for the message? Paul, Peter, and the rest of the disciples were messengers. Christ was the message. Christ is the message.

   Do you think that the media (If there had been one) would have followed the apostle Paul with the same zeal as they follow Mr. Tebow? I don’t think they would have. My understanding is that Paul wasn’t a very handsome man. He carried a physical malady. He never boasted of himself. In fact, did he not admonish people (not only for their attempts to divide) but in the manner in which they were trying to divide themselves. (1 Corinthians 1:12-13)

   I’m not attempting to take Paul’s statement out of context. I believe simply, that the people in the church he was addressing, were so busy pointing to a teacher and building up that teacher, that they weren’t pointing to the message; to the things taught by the teacher. In essence, Paul was saying, “look folks, keep your eyes on the ball. Keep your eyes on Christ; for it was He that was crucified for our sins. It was He that had risen on the third day. Not I, Paul.”

   Now, I don’t follow Mr. Tebow in any way. But I must say, it’s hard to avoid him and his story when the media is covering him 24/7. Mr. Tebow appears to be a very talented athlete. Perhaps he is joining the ranks of some great ones; such as Mohammed Ali, Wayne Gretzky, and the like. He seems to be someone very devoted to his faith. That’s an awesome thing.

    It is certainly refreshing to read occasional stories about such a person. I recall the coverage he received because he stopped in the middle of a game to pray with a child. (Hoping my memory has that right.) It is however, difficult at times, to browse today’s social media without having Mr. Tebow in the spotlight.

   I am in no way questioning Tim Tebow’s life, career, or his faith. He appears to be making a great and positive impact on the lives of many people. My question; does Mr. Tebow have room to breathe?

   While I sincerely appreciate certain media outlets for pursuing more Christian-friendly stories, it would be nice if they changed the headlines a bit more often. Must the media beat a story or central figure, to death?


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