Another Tragic Story?

   Enough is enough already! Christian Organizations losing it on social media. Can we please see some “positive” and “uplifting” stories circulated instead of the usual “tragic-infant” and children-dying-of-cancer stories?

   I’ve shocked you with my assessment of media story-circulation. I find it difficult to believe that I’m the first one to raise the issue. As a Christian writer, I follow numerous Christian organizations on social media. I’d like to tell them all that the usually-circulated stories that I mentioned are becoming excessive and I personally know people who are not just turned off by them, but also turned away from engaging the Christian organizations because of them.

   I understand the need for bringing attention to these types of stories. They’re often circulated to not only raise awareness, but to invoke compassion and sympathy. At times, they are meant to incline people to donate financially, and that’s okay. And, social media does exactly what it’s meant to do; circulate and promote the story.

   It’s normal for social media users to respond accordingly and share these posts. I simply take issue with these Christian organizations repeatedly reposting them on their sites. We’ve seen them. We get it. I’m sure that there’s nobody out there that doesn’t have sympathy and empathy for these issues. But enough already. Does the story need to be re-hashed so many times? These stories are being posted-to-death, and I think by doing so, people are being pushed away, turned off,  and are becoming less sensitive to them.

   There’s a lot of pain and tragedy in our world. For many, I would imagine, it is overwhelming. It’s like television shows and movies about tragedies. These people see enough pain and suffering in the real world. Why would they want to watch a television show or a two-hour long movie at the theatre simply so they can spend the evening crying?

   I’m not talking about people wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses. It’s not about people being naïve and not realizing what’s going on in the world around them. I’m talking about the people who, in fact are very aware of the tragedy and horror that surrounds us all. But how much can the average person take?

   There are so many incredible stories out there; stories of tragedy. Stories about beating-the-odds. Many involve God’s gracious and divine intervention, resulting in the great happy-ending.  Sure, everybody loves the happy-ending. But getting to that ending is difficult for many.

So many of us are accosted throughout our normal daily lives with stories of pain and suffering. Why would we want to come home after a long day of that only to witness more of the same?  Sometimes I feel as though the media and news channels are no better that the hoards of violent video games that our younger generations are engulfed in day and night.

   Can we please share some posts that are not riddled with tragedy, unusual adversity, bodily defects, and death? Yes, we all love happy endings, but I fear too many are turning away before they see them. There must be some happiness and good vibe stories out there in the world somewhere. Can we see a few of those stories?

   Life is filled with ups and downs. It would be nice to see some of the “ups” occasionally; without having to go through the tragedy. If we could see as many uplifting posts involving people as we do of those involving animals, I would think that social media would be a much happier place to be.


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