Would We Like Jesus If We Met Him Today?

Never, have I heard such a question. And to hear that someone was offended by it; even more unimaginable. I can’t say that I’ve ever known the question to be asked let-alone answered.

According to the brief article in Christianity Today (Voices)**, the question was posed by Jonathan Trotter via Instagram.

The question; “Would he had liked Jesus had he met Him during His life?”

I can’t honestly say how I would react one way or another to the question had I been “put on the spot.”

Now that the question has been posed, you and I have the luxury of sitting back and truly pondering the question.

Within the pages of the Bible, Jesus is described in a fascinating array of detail. He is portrayed at times both as a soft-hearted individual and an angry one. So, let’s bring the question of His likeability again, into the 21st Century.

If Jesus were with us today, He would undoubtedly (based on His actions described in the bible) be ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes and sever hundred hours of community service, (Mathew 21:12-13).

In another instance, Jesus would be despised by many for His friendliness towards the I.R.S; for befriending tax collectors, (Mathew 9:10-17, Mark 2:13-17). You would likely not find Him on a guest-list of any dinner given by the pope or any other high-profile religious leader, (Mathew 23).

The Bible does not characterize Him much as a man’s man; would Jesus today be considered a “snow-flake,” as described by those leaning to the right of the political spectrum.

At the other end of the spectrum, would you consider Him part of the “alt-right” for his conservative views and stances on keeping “the law,” and on marriage? (Mathew 5:17-19).

Would you call Him a bigot? Would you call Him a racist? (Mathew 15:21-26)

I have no doubt that Jesus would fare no better today than He did 2500 years ago. In fact, I think He would be treated even worse today. Seriously consider a scenario where He comes to us today, in our modern era, claiming to be Jesus of the Bible, King of the Jews; to be God, ready to take over His domain. How long would it take for someone to have Him admitted to a mental hospital?

No doubt all who read this post will be angry. You will be angry because we would know it to be true.

So now we have pondered the question. Where do we go from here?

©2019 Clayton Moore



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