Write Every Week? Seriously?

I am probably the most inconsistent writer out there, somewhere, in the blogosphere. Wonder why I go weeks without striking the keyboard with a single word? Simply put, I believe, it’s just God’s way of telling me to be quiet.

Sometimes, I find it fascinating that so many make time to sit and write from day to day, week to week. If I could “make time” I don’t think I’d even use it to write. After-all, we all have our priorities, yes?

I think of all the more time I could spend with my family; with my wife and my awesome grand-kids out on, what I’ve always called, going on an adventure. I think of the added time I could spend in the Bible with Jesus and God. There are so many books I need to read, I’d need a whole other lifetime of time.

So, one wonders why I would write at all. The first notable reason was in fact not because I had anything important to say, but I did so as class and coursework assignments. When I did write outside that schoolwork box it was to “clear my head,” so to speak.

Obviously, there are so many things I (rather, we all) could write about, but not too much grabs my attention let alone peak my interest. As I write this, I am awaiting the start of the annual Army-Navy game. Odd, that this interests me because I am not a fan of football. However, this is one game I look forward to seeing every year even though I often end up not getting to see it, (due to work or other obligations).

I think we are all finicky in our interests whether active or passive. What many people find fascinating and can’t go a day without talking about often doesn’t interest me. And vise-versa, I’m sure. There’s nothing wrong with that dynamic either.

I believe sincerely, when God thinks I have some thought worthy of being shared He inspires me to write; whether a single paragraph or an entire article. And trust me, you don’t need to nor do you want to hear some of the thoughts that run through my mind.

So, I fall silent and absent when little stirs me. But of course, we all know that can change at the drop of a dime.

Stop by once in a while. One never knows when I will post, including myself.

Merry Christmas All…


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