Watered With The Holy Spirit

    Just a couple of weeks ago, this poinsettia was dead and baron.  No leaves would hang from its lifeless, browned, decayed stems.  It was one of the plants left over from Christmas, six months ago.  It had been sitting outside the our front door.
Yes, I was too lazy to bend over, pick it up and throw it away.  My wife asked me when I was going to get rid of all “these dead plants.”  My reply was to tell her, “I will, but I waPointsettia II copynt the pots they’re in.”  And so I left them there outside the door yet again, until I could muster up the energy to bend over and pick them up.
Then there was the energy I would have to use to discard the dead plants and clean the containers they were in.
So a few days later, I stepped out the front door and picked up the several dead poinsettias and brought them in to the kitchen to throw them away.
I pulled each of the dead poinsettias out of their containers, along with the dried-out, solid, barrels of soil, and into the trash can they went.  Except, for the last one.  Holding it in my hand, hovering it over the trash can, I paused for a moment as I thought to myself.
I was ready to be “king of the lab,” I said to myself, (Any of you out there that watch the t.v. show, Bones, knows what I’m talking about.)  An experiment was in order.
Quite simply, I wondered if I could bring this last, dead poinsettia back to life.  To myself I pondered, “is it truly dead?”  Was there any chance at all, that the dead, hardened branches could produce new, green leaves?  Could this dead poinsettia be brought back to life and if so, was it really ever dead at all, I wondered.
Thus the experiment began.  It was a very technical experiment.  I placed it in the sink and watered it.  I drenched it in what must have been at least a full gallon of fresh, clear tap water.  I then brought it into our study and placed it in a small, yet available corner, on the top of the file cabinet.
    For a few days, I left it alone.  Then I wanted to reassure myself that it had enough water, and took it back into the kitchen.  There my wife was standing near the sink, unpacking the empty containers, from her lunch bag after arriving home from work.
I mentioned to her the premise of my experiment and she added to the conversation, that I should prune the dead branches.  She said that by cutting away the many dead branches, it would give the plant a better chance of revival.  So, as you can see from the picture here, I followed my wife’s advice and pruned it down to its one, main stem.  I again drenched it in water, allowed it to drain, and then placed it back on the little corner of the file cabinet.
Last week, I stopped and eyed my experiment.  In doing so, I discovered a single, tiny leaf beginning to protrude from the very top of the stem.  In my excitement, I picked it up and ran into the other room where my wife was, to show her the progress of my experiment.
After receiving a nod in the affirmative, I placed it, once again on top of the file cabinet.  Now, not that I intentionally planned it this way, But as I sit here at my desk, all I must do is lean a few inches to the left, around my computer monitor, and I can observe the progress of rebirth and re-growth of the poinsettia.
So, over the past week, as I continued fulfilling its need for life-giving water, I noticed tiny leaves springing forth from a number of different points on the stem.  This brings me to today, as I took a moment to take in the new and youthful life that now springs from this once, ignored, lifeless, plant, the thoughts of God and my gratefulness to Him, for bringing it back to life, filled my mind.
As I sit here at my desk, leaning back, observing my poinsettia in amazement, I can now understand how a dead Christian, or even a dead, non-believer can be brought back into a personal relationship with Christ and God, and be revived into a new life, through the Holy Spirit.
How many did Jesus bring back to life? God can indeed bring anything back to life.  Have you ever been dead to Christ, dead to God?  Are you right now, dead to Christ?  But first I must ask, how does one define, “dead?”
Well, certainly there are at least two types of being dead, for I can attest to the lesser.  Though I had grown up in church life, I set it aside for many years.  I ignored God.  I was dead in Christ.  I had no room for Him or His church.  I was too busy for God.
Now, I must admit, at the time when Jesus brought me back to God, I can’t say that I was actually looking for God.  Yet Jesus reeled me in with hook, line, and sinker.  I guess I had given an inch and God revived me with His Holy Spirit, through Christ Jesus.
One is never dead to God, never dead to Christ. And yes, I am speaking here of spiritual death. If you ever previously had His Holy Spirit within you, then you were never really spiritually dead.
As I observe the rebirth of this poinsettia, I realize now, how God revived me.  I wasn’t just useless to God.  I was dead to God; at least that’s what I thought.  But God allowed Jesus to save me.  Jesus placed opportunities at my door.  He placed certain people in my path.
Jesus poured out His Holy spirit and filled my being.  The Holy Spirit opened my eyes and allowed me to understand things.  Not only that, I was now on trial.  And in the days and weeks that followed, God held me accountable, right in the here and now.  He demanded repentance and it was repentance I gave Him.
At first I thought to myself, “this can’t be happening.”  I thought this was supposed to happen at the end of time, not in the here and now.  But it was  The Holy Spirit of God that brought me to the judgement seat, and I was convicted of all my crimes.
I was convicted right there in my own home, as I sat behind my desk with my bible in hand.  I was convicted of the crimes of ignoring God.  I was convicted for all the years I stayed away from church.  I was convicted for not being a good example of a Christian.  I was convicted for not making sure that my children continued in their church, as they grew older.
I was convicted for so much more; more than I could ever possibly share here.  During my trial, I began recalling bit by bit, the things I had done wrong throughout my life, and had long since forgotten or blocked out of my mind.
And it wasn’t just the things I had done throughout my life, it was the many things I had not done.  It wasn’t just the things I had said over my lifetime, it was all the things I had let go unsaid. But I was not there alone.  Jesus was there with me.
I had been convicted of every crime against God right then and there. I was guilty.  There was no place for me to run; no place for me to hide.  I was guilty, and we both knew it.
With Jesus beside me, I threw myself on the mercy of God’s court.  And to my surprise, I was freed.  I was found guilty.  I was convicted and with the Help of Christ Jesus and His Holy Spirit, I was given what can only be called, a suspended sentence.
Through Christ, God has given me another chance.  With Christ by my side and with the armour of His Holy Spirit, I have experienced rebirth.  With Jesus at my side, I had been watered with the Holy Spirit, and God caused me to grow anew.
If you’ve strayed from God, if you’ve walked a long, lonely life, if you have ignored God and have been going through life, like I had done, with the “what’s in it for me,” plan, you can get help.
If you’ve never walked with God before, if you’ve never known Christ before, Jesus is there, right now, waiting for you to ask for help, waiting to water you and drench you with His Holy Spirit, and bring you to God.
Yes, I realize what I’m saying must sound very strange to many, but the rebirth and new growth of this poinsettia is a true story.  Its rebirth and growth can be seen, it can be touched, its beauty can be appreciated.
And just one more thing before I end this letter.  Throughout my personal experience and revived walk with God, with the experiment of this poinsettia, I have learned this; I can’t just water this plant once, and say it’s done. Just as I need to continue watering this plant, So I must continue praying, without ceasing, to be renewed, regenerated and filled afresh with the Holy Spirit, every single day.
©2016 Clayton Moore

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