Female Preachers: Tell Me I’m Wrong

Yes, I still come across articles, posts and comments about people who protest female ministers. Like many other topics, I just don’t give it much thought until I come across a headline.

I remember all the television commercials that did their best to scare people into quitting smoking. I could always sit comfortably and watch a television show without even thinking about going outside for a cigarette; that is until one of these commercials popped up and reminded me to go out and have on.

Weird thought logic there, huh? But it works for many other things as well. I’m sure you are familiar with the old saying, “out of sight out of mind.” And so, it is, and it applies to everything and every subject.

So, I have a few thoughts on the topic of female ministers that I’d like to share with you. Let me start out by saying that the bible does indeed speak against women preaching, (1 Tim. 2:12, 1 Cor. 14:34).

I am genuinely curious as to why people in the 21st Century still have an understanding against women preaching. Yes, Paul very clearly prohibits women from preaching; to men.

Outside of the apostle Paul’s words speaking against it, where else in the bible can one find a prohibition of the practice? While Paul exhorted women not to preach, why did he not object to the issue of slavery?

Am I seriously too superficial on this topic? We don’t adhere to laws promoting an eye for an eye. We don’t support slavery in any form. We don’t hang people on crosses (or trees anymore).

In Paul’s writings, is he not dealing with and addressing topics that are engrossed in the culture of his day? Would anyone writing today not also deal with and address topics headlining our current times?

If Paul were writing today would we expect him to be against women preaching? I seriously doubt it.

We can all acknowledge the Bible as the Living Book; the Living Word of God. God’s word indeed applies to us today in the 21st Century as it did in Paul’s day and all the time in between.

But must we suppress the obvious? Must we still cling to Paul’s view of women preaching. It was in fact a different time, a different era, a different culture.

We’re not talking about Theology here. We’re not talking about changing or disregarding the very word of God. I would much rather spend my energy protesting ministers pushing the so-called prosperity gospel.

I would much rather protest atheist ministers. Yes! There are really ministers out there that profess to be atheists. Why are they leading churches? We even have pastors telling us to ignore the ten commandments and “unhitch” ourselves from the Old Testament.

With the myriad of issues facing our world and culture today, why are we still talking about and protesting female pastors?


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