Toss ‘Em At Me: Your Thoughts

I hope you’re relaxing and have a good cup of coffee at hand. Thanks for joining me for MooreofClayton.

So then, what would you like to talk about? It’s been three years since I began this blog. A great thank you to those who have discovered it and still hung around. We’ve covered quite a few topics over the past three years, and I hope you found my short stories fun and interesting also.

We’ve discussed topics such as mental health, theology, current events, Christian life, and even a few topics we never saw coming. But you stuck with me, and for that I praise God.

Over the years, you have written in to comment and ask questions. You’ve commented on everything ranging from the articles to the “page-theme” and which blog platform I use and if I have a problem with spam.

A few people have even commented on contents of my blog that do not exist. I’m sure they got mine confused with someone else’s blog. That’s ok, at least I know they discovered this one.

Oh, let me tell you about an article I recently noticed in Christianity Today. I made it successfully through the first paragraph (and loved it) and then the author through a mental block at me.

He wrote that he was Harvard-trained. As I literally skimmed through his article, I found him even more detestable. But I did read it through. I know many who wouldn’t, but it would really take something drastic to keep me from finish an article I began reading. Some, (even family,) get to a particular line in one of my articles, stop dead in their tracks, and stopped reading my work, and never come back.

Anyway, (sorry for the sidetrack there.) By the end of his article, I was ready to rumble. I opened Word to a blank page and was prepared to roast him over hot coals of his own making. The Holy Spirit held me back; told me to take a deep breath and relax.

Well, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t write that article.

I’m sorry, but it really irks me when people write articles that are meant, on the surface, to appear Christian-life related and yet I see more of their politics in their writing than anything else.

I have one reader who writes in often to tell me how he hates my whining and complaining. Though I’m not very internet savvy, I believe I’m supposed to call him; a troll? I am thinking this is where I would suggest that they are welcome to go off and write their own blog?

He has written in a few times, but his comments are identical. It appears that he has a comment saved somewhere and he simply copies and pastes it when he feels the need. One, I mentioned earlier, who comments on things that are nowhere to be found in my blog, does the same, I think.

No worries though. It comes with the territory.

Overall, I am so very grateful and praise God, for the many readers who have joined me and continue to follow my blog. A couple people have written in about non-stop emails alerting them to new articles. I use WordPress and WordPress apparently controls “alerts.”

As I’ve said, I’m not very internet-savvy and that goes for the use of WordPress as well. I set up the blog over three years ago. I just write. I simply do not know that much about it; to answer questions about spamming, platforms, page-themes, etc.

So, what Christian topics catch your attention? What current event can we examine through the lens of Christ? Tell me; write in and let me know what you’re thinking about or offer a topic you’d like to see me cover.

Thank you following MooreofClayton. I pray you will stick with me as each of muddle our way through this life; the Christian-life.

©2019 Clayton Moore All Rights Reserved!


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